Jul 15 2017

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12 Month Loans Easy Way Out to Get Cash

Month loans are a form easy lending with good 1 to 12 months repayment terms. They are for different duration all together so a customer can pick a quote which suits him the best. If a person is in need of small amount he can go with 1 month loan or 3 – 6 month loans and if he is requiring good amount of cash then he may opt of 9, 12 month loans or for 24 month loans with long repayment terms. So these month loans consist of different loan option for different customers. And in UK there are lots of lenders who are dealing in these services. The best part of these 12 month loans is that they comes with monthly repayment option that is really very helpful for a customer to payback his loan amount without doing in much adjustment in his monthly budget and without going under lots of pressure.

Financial troubles are frequent and they arises anytime in a person’s life and mostly they emerges out at the time when a person is out of cash like mid of month or at the time of payday. If you are also going through the same patch then simply login to and quickly arrange a cash solution for yourself in form of 1 month loan or 24 month loans. There are no tough conditions and terms to follow to avail these month loans and depending on your requirement you can pick the best suited loan service and get optimum cash support for your fiscal problems.

Some cracking features of these month loans in glance.

  • These lending facilities are available for 1 month to 24 month period
  • Through them you can get cash ranging between Ј80 – Ј1000
  • Less documentation part and credit check process is done rarely
  • Quick decision on loan in minutes, so these loans are time saving
  • Loan money is transferred immediately in customer account after approval within 24 hours
  • Online lending procedure makes customer to access these monthly loans from anywhere
  • Flexible repayment terms, customer can repay the loan amount in easy monthly installments

Mostly people prefer to solve their short term needs and thus 1 month loan is mostly used services in this category. As the name suggests these loans are for one month and the customer have to settle them in stipulated time period of 1 month. 12 month loans are also very famous and people use them in order to meet their bigger needs and good thing about these services is that they get the repayment tenure of one year.

These month loans are unsecured and thus they are available without any guarantor or security and that makes them as widely used services. It is not possible all time to get a guarantor or put any asset as security to avail loans for a person, so better they use this unsecured lending service at best to secure needed monetary assistance.

The interest rate is very important part to discuss as many customers don’t understand this clearly and get confused. The interest is on higher side and if you borrow say Ј80 for 1 month then you have to repay Ј100 at the time of repayment. Well it is ok if you pay it on time and creates problem if you fail or miss to make payment. Most of the lenders really charge APR at almost 3000% or more for these types of lending services. Thus missing on your loan repayment is really put you in further debt so avoid such things.

Some of the conditions or criteria which are important to meet when you apply for these 24 month loans

  • The person must be an adult i.e. above 18 years of age
  • The applicant must of resident of United Kingdom with proper address proof
  • The applicant should have a bank account which is active and 3 – 6 months old
  • The applicant should be earning and have a permanent job in his hand

Above given are the few pre-conditions which must be fulfilled by a customer before filling an application form. So if you are able to meet all the conditions and are in need of money then go for these 1 – 3 – 6 – 12 -24 month loans, which suit you best.

Note: At we arrange loan options for you and guide to you some top lenders. And approval of loans is completely on the lenders hand and some lenders take time of 3 – 6 days or a week for process. And if everything seems perfect then there is possibility that you get the funds on same day itself.

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