Aug 1 2017

Understanding Car Financing #student #loans #no #cosigner

#interest rate for car loans # Understanding Car Financing Understanding Car Financing Generally, most people don’t purchase vehicles outright; they finance them, meaning, they get a loan from one of a variety of lenders and pay off that loan over a designated period of time. Auto Loan Basics Financing a new or used vehicle with a dealership, bank. or credit union is common (skip down to Auto Loan Financing Options for more details), but exactly what goes into determining your car loan? Your credit score —People with higher credit scores are more likely to get better auto loans (or, in …

Aug 1 2017

Undergraduate Student Loans, College Student Loans. #home #loan #calculators

#loans for college # The Need for Undergraduate Student Loans Many college students understand the need for undergraduate student loans. With the average cost of one year at a 4-year public school totaling $18,943 and $42,419 for a 4-year private school 1. most college families have no way of coming up with that kind of money every year. The reality is that most college students don t receive enough scholarships and grants to pay for their education, although every bit of free money helps. In addition, college parents are sometimes unprepared for the overwhelming cost of college, and are only …