Jan 14 2020

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Account loan


Account loan

Become a member of Orange Credit Union

Open a Savings or Transaction Account

Apply for a Home Loan

Apply for a Personal or Car Loan

Get Internet or Phone Banking

Ask us a question

Fixed or variable rate home loans

New and used car loans

Secured, part-secured and unsecured loans

Earn up to 2.20% interest p.a.

Transaction accounts for everyday needs

Term Deposits ranging from 3 to 36 months

Proudly partnered with QBE and Zurich

Proudly partnered with Bridges

International travel product range


Enter your income, expenses and loan details to calculate an estimate of how much you can borrow

Get an idea of your repayments based on your chosen loan amount

Get an idea of how much you can borrow and your repayments

Calculate how much you might be able to borrow for personal use

Managing your budget and potential savings

Not sure where to start? Get the right tools for the job

Rates & Fees

Compare our home loan interest rates

Compare our personal loan rates

Compare our personal loan rates

View our savings account table

View our term deposit interest rate table

Personalised service and a fair fee structure

Special Offers

Limited time only

Limited time only

Limited time only

Limited time only

One convenient location

Welcome to Orange Credit Union

We provide loans and 24/7 online banking to over 13,500 members in the Orange community, and its surrounding suburbs.

If you live in Orange (NSW), or have family ties to the Orange community, you are eligible to become a member!

A credit card with a friendly rate?

Orange Credit Union Mobile Banking App

Most people have a desire to seek financial independence and security, but many never really follow a plan to achieve it.

From today, Orange Credit Union members can access Australia’s new world class payments infrastructure.

The milestone events in our lives are usually the ones that give us the greatest joy. However, they can also be associated with dramatic changes so it is a good time to make sure we are protected


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