Jan 14 2020

#Lowest loan interest rates personal loan – #Video

#Lowest #loan #interest #rates #personal #loan

Lowest loan interest rates personal loan


Home Loan Interest Rates


  • Lowest home loan rates starting at 8.50% in India for April 2019 .
  • No prepayment charges on home loans linked to floating rate of interest.

To buy a house through a home loan, we prefer the lowest home loan rates. Since, a housing loan may continue for 30 years, it is quite normal that people demand a lower rate of interest. As a borrower, you can check different home loan interest rates and then select one.

Having good income and its proof is one of the most important things to get a home loan. Your credit history and credit score is also helpful in getting desired home loan interest rates. Here are the interest rates offered by top banks in India.

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List of Top Banks Home Loan Interest Rates April 2019

Below is the table showing interest rates for general as well as women applicants on home loan rates, processing fees and prepayment charges applicable on home loans linked to floating rates available at top banks.

Up to 1% of the Loan amount subject to minimum of ₹10,000

Upfront processing fee of ₹2500 plus GST

Note: As per RBI guidelines, prepayment of home loans linked to floating rate of interest attracts no prepayment charges.

How can you get the lowest rate on a home loan?

There are certain factors based on which a home loan interest rate is offered which are as follows:

  • Property in a good location– Property in a approved society has more chance of getting loan amount up to 75-90% of the property value.
  • Make use of your good credit score – You must have CIBIL score of 650 or above to get approval for it.
  • Apply at existing bank – A good understanding with the bank help you avail a high loan amount and that too at competitive rate of interest on your home loan without any hassle.
  • High Income – A person earning high income has more chances of getting lower rate and higher amount.
  • Keep all property related documents – It is very important to maintain and keep all the property documents with you as it helps the lender identify your property and its worth properly and thus trust your profile.
  • Make sure you have income proof – Many people do not know that your loan application may be rejected if you do not have a income proof or salary slip. Only a few NBFCs accept such cases but then they give high rates.
  • Apply at young age – If you age at the time of applying is in early 30s or late 20s, you are more eligible for a higher loan amount as you have less financial liabilities.
  • Transfer your home loan to a lower EMI – You can transfer your existing home loan to a lender offering a lower rate on your home loan to save your money.

How can you calculate Home Loan EMI?

A home loan EMI calculator is used for checking monthly installments on a housing loan. You have to mention housing loan interest rate, total loan amount and tenure. The formula used for the calculation is as follows:

P= Principal Amount
R= Interest Rate
N= Number of Monthly Installments


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