Aug 15 2017

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Personal Injury Attorney

If you have been injured in an accident and have questions about what your next step should be, call St. Louis personal injury attorney John M. Cichelero, P.C. His law office is located in St. Louis (Clayton), Missouri. Mr. Cichelero, who has been serving Missourians for more than 25 years, has extensive experience and has been representing individuals primarily in the areas of personal injury or wrongful death due to car accidents, semi truck accidents, boating accidents, motorcycle accidents, or injuries in the workplace. He represents clients in Missouri and some parts of Illinois.

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St. Louis personal injury attorney John M. Cichelero has been practicing law in the State of Missouri since 1986. His law office is located in Clayton, Missouri. Mr. Cichelero serves the entire St. Louis area as well as most of eastern Missouri. During nearly 25 years of practice, Mr. Cichelero has represented many people injured in automobile, truck, motorcycle and boat accidents in Missouri. He has represented clients with serious injuries including head injuries, brain injuries, neck and back injuries, burn injuries, arm and leg fractures as well as other injuries. He has litigated and tried cases in Missouri involving tractor-trailer accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents and car accidents. Mr. Cichelero is also a workers’ compensation lawyer. He handles Missouri workers’ compensation claims throughout most of eastern Missouri.

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