Oct 13 2017

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A while ago we shared the worlds’ best digital marketing blogs which covered a comprehensive range of the kind of content that is being created and shared worldwide. And then we got to wondering, how well-versed is the Indian market with the digital era?

In 2014, we witnessed an increasing number of Indian brands going digital. From Real Estate to HealthCare, players across industries have ensured that they get their digital id cards and access to the world of online marketing for we all know that the future is going digital, so might as well board the ship to future!

Boarding the ship just won’t do. The key is to keep yourself updated with the latest marketing trends and digital discoveries and use them to the best of your capabilities to expand your business. After all, digital media is all about growing. So, after a lot of back-breaking research, we got down to rounding up some of the best digital marketing blogs in India which could help you guide your way forward in the online space. You may also find it interesting to read our book on Digital Marketing Insights for 2017, which can be purchased on Amazon .

Founded by Aditya Gupta and Ankit Gaba, Social Samosa is the provenance of high-toned content which encompasses of agency highlights, in-depth case studies, interviews with prominent icons in the digital world, campaign reviews along with tips and tools that could help you grow profoundly in the social media expanse. The idea is to help businesses understand the world of social media locally and globally. We do guest blog at Social Samosa and you can check our post on Kickstarting a digital agency. Here are a few recommended blogs from this hub of knowledge –

One of the blogs we refer to on a more-than-regular basis to keep up to speed with the advertising world. Afaqs is a one stop destination for all things related to advertisements and marketing in the digital space. What sets Afaqs apart is that there is a lot more to take away as compared to any other content hub. Right from tidbits about industry’s who’s who, online trending campaigns, guest articles by prominent figures from the ad world, social media statistics to new revelations in the digital world, Afaqs covers everything! We found these articles most interesting from last week –

Like Campaign Asia, the blogs at Campaign India cover the trending topics in digital media and they act like a solo powerhouse of information that is adequate for online marketers. The content found on this platform is mostly news and opinions from the digital world. Some of the most popular blogs are

Focused mainly towards digital marketers and entrepreneurs who are looking to create a footprint in the world of digital marketing, Social Beat blogs cater to a variety of industries. The content in the blogs aims at helping businesses understand how different strategies can help them grow their business online. The blogs are enriched with quality insights and goal-oriented strategies to help brands get best ROI from their digital marketing efforts. You may also find it interesting to read the book on Digital Marketing Insights for 2017, which can be purchased on Amazon .

Here are some insightful blogs –

From latest news to top digital media trends, Lighthouse Insights provides everything. Timely interviews with eminent personalities from the creative world are also covered in their content hemisphere. These articles are something to look forward to for people who love nibbling on digi facts and understandings.

Indiblogger is one of the largest blogging forums in the country. Bloggers from all over India share their understanding, thoughts, opinions, experiences which are more or less first hand content. The best part about first hand content is that it is experience and understanding rich. What’s more? The content is segregated under various categories. So if you happen to be looking for content related to marketing, all you have to do is select Business Marketing Advertising under the IndiVine tab.

This is also an excellent forum to share your content and achieve visibility for the same

He is one of those few marketing professionals who dare to think beyond the horizon. Sorav Jain is famous for his social media marketing proficiency and is respected in the industry for it. This young lad was included in the list of “Top 25 Social Media Professionals of India” and went on to organizing events like India Search and Social Summit 2010. His blogs are the perfect reference for online marketers who are looking for content which talks about marketing campaigns in depth and numerous case studies. His blogs also delve into a lot of dos and donts for industry specific marketers. Some of the blogs we recommend for you are –

More or less like Moz, the content that is available on this platform is inclined towards Search engine optimization and content marketing.

Some of the interesting blogs are –

Apart from Content marketing SEO, this platform also covers topics that are relevant to online marketers and whatever there is to understand about the digital space.

Lakshmipathy Bhat is one of the top bloggers in India and one of the top notch advertising professionals in India. What started as a medium to convey his opinions and views on advertising as a business has today become a center where news views related to the ad world ( traditional digital ) are shared. Most of his posts are about advertising campaigns noteworthy – global and Indian. When a good TVC or an ambient digital marketing idea catches his attention, he pens down his views and thoughts about it. Subscribe to his blogs, because they are loaded with his keen observations which are hard to come by.

Popular for its social media listening tools, Simplify 360 blogs give us great insights about the topics that trend online and help us discover the world of real-time conversations that come extremely handy in the process of brand building online. The content shared here is based mostly on social media monitoring and helps marketers understand the depth of the campaigns online. In order for a brand/business to grow in all dimensions, it is necessary to stay updated with the digital marketing trends and be able to bank on real time engagements. With the help of the insightful content that is shared on this platform, the whole process just gets easier.

Here are some topics worth exploring –

As the name suggests, the type of content available on this forum is purely creative. Founded by National Award Winning Cinematographer and an ex-advertising creative professional, Paramvir Singh, this blog forum talks all about ads and how creative they are. For a business to become a brand, it is important for a degree of creativity to be present because end of day, that’s what sets you apart from the rest and helps you break the clutter in the market. So all things desi and all things creative, this blog will give you a great deal of understanding of the different levels of creativity in the digital space.

Some mind-blowing creative posts just for you –

Exchange4Media was set up for publishing niche, applicable and quality content for the advertising and media professionals. It is more like a one-stop information board that caters to the entire media industry with analytical data, news, and detailed opinions that matter, in-depth analysis of events, tracking trends in the marketing world. The best part is all the branches of marketing are covered here, be it traditional or digital.

Here are some of the latest news articles –

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