Aug 12 2017

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Blacklisted Loans Online

Hi and welcome to our site. With this site we aim to assist you in finding blacklisted loans online. We understand that getting a personal loan, if blacklisted, is very difficult today in South Africa.

Most banks will only provide you with a loan if you have a good credit status and that you are creditworthy of paying back the loan to the bank. We also understand that when blacklisted, there is sometimes no chance of clearing your record unless you sign up for debt counselling. thus making it impossible to get finance of any kind at all, especially when you need it the most in emergency situations.

We hope you find our site helpful and if you have any queries please visit our Contact Us page.

In addition we also want to provide you with the latest financial news as well as a blog with various personal finance articles. Other topics include interest rates, budgeting and credit cards.

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