Jul 13 2018

BPI Family Housing Loan, BPI, housing loan calculator.#Housing #loan #calculator

housing loan calculator

Housing loan calculator

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Housing loan calculator

Housing loan calculator

Still renting? Read on.

A comfortable life this is what all of us aspire for. To achieve this, it all starts with owning a home. Owning property is an affirmation of hard work and well-placed earnings put in a worthy investment. For those stuck in a rent situation, make a move now! Owning a home is now made easy and possible with BPI Family Housing Loan.

BPI Family Housing Loan is ideal for earners with conservative buying patterns, because it can be customized. Every loan package is tailor-fitted to the needs and current spend capabilities of the customer. With simple requirements, one can easily apply for a home loan.

It s Fast! Get a reply within 5 working days after submitting complete loan documents.

It s easy to apply! Go online at or discuss options with partner brokers and developers. And with many branches nationwide, one can just visit to inquire.

It s affordable! Never underestimate the power of your income. By making the best decision of getting a BPI Family Housing Loan, you get to enjoy low rates, down payment options as low as 20% and flexible payment terms payable up to 25 years.

So why rent if you can afford to get your own home? Find out if you re ready for a housing loan now.

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Member: PDIC. Maximum Deposit Insurance for Each Depositor P500,000.

Housing loan calculator Housing loan calculator


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