Aug 15 2017

Business And Corporate Level Strategies Of Fedex #business #and #corporate #level #strategies #of #fedex, #free


Business And Corporate Level Strategies Of Fedex

Business and corporate level strategies of FedEx

Business and corporate level strategies of FedEx

Developing and implementing business level and corporate level strategy adds in maximizing the organization’s life. Any organizations business level strategy emphasis on developing value creating offers that feels attractive to customers and also brings cost effectiveness for them. It is the business level strategy that determines the customers their business unit will cater, the product and services they require to attain the needs of the customers they are going to target, and the way with which they can keep their customer satisfied (Ireland et al. 2012). However, corporate level strategies are related to an organization as whole and it assists in identification of types of business and functional level manager choose to optimize the profitability in long term. It allows the organization to choose the right pricing option that can result in profit maximization. Generally it can be said that corporate level strategy is related to corporation as whole. It analysis the business does and makes major decisions accordingly, this includes decision regarding diversification of business in different areas, development of particular partnership or leave certain product lines (Furrer, 2011).

This paper aims to identify the organization’s corporate level and business level strategies. Organization selected for this research work is FedEx Corporation. In later discussion, business introduction will be done along with the main aim of paper.

FedEx consists of wide portfolio of business services, transportation, and e-commerce via its operating companies. FedEx operates throughout the United States and also having its customers in more than 220 countries worldwide. There are four main segments in which company operates and these segments are:

FedEx Express – it is the largest segment of FedEx and is among world’s largest express transportation companies that offers time definite services for delivery ranging from one to three business days. This segment proposes variety of services for delivery of freight and packages. There are three overnight services that are offered by this segment in US, which are; First Overnight, Priority Overnight and Standard Overnight. In addition to this, FedEx also offers same day shipping service through SameDay and in this service any urgent shipment up to 70 pounds can be delivered to any destination in US. Company also offers domestic pickup and delivery services in specific countries which includes India, UK, China, Canada and Mexico. There are approximately 58,400 FedEx Express drop off locations, 52,400 trailers and vehicles and 660 aircrafts that are integrated in global network of FedEx.

FedEx Supply Chain Systems and FedEx Trade Network are also included in this segment. Trade Network of FedEx provides several international services for trade, especially in customs brokerage and air freight forwarding throughout Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America and Middle East. Its Supply Chain System offers variety of integrated logistics solutions to the businesses. These services include important logistics of company, management of transportation system and temperature controlled transportation.

Small package ground delivery services in North America are catered by a.

Business Level and Corporate Level Strateg.

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