May 16 2018

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ECB warns against Brexit ’empty shells’

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The bank said some post-Brexit plans proposed by banks are inadequate.

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Russia and Venezuela agree debt deal

Russia said it had agreed to minimal repayments over six years on more than $3bn in debts.

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Live Business Live: Sterling hits $1.32

The pound gains ground and euro after retail sales fell less than expected in October

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New GKN chief leaves before starting role

Man Utd reveals strong rise in revenues

Alibaba boss slips in China rich list

Asda sales continue to increase

Chevron ‘pushes for Myanmar human rights’

Uber licence appeal ‘could take years’

First annual UK retail sales fall since 2013

McDonnell demands ’emergency Budget’

Sport Premier League prices frozen or cut


BBC World News business headlines

Airbus secures $49.5bn aircraft deal

Lab studies robot-human interactions

Antonio Carluccio’s last interview

The price of the perfect sparkle

Planning for life on Mars

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Why Delia is wrong about cookery books

Newsbeat UK bakery sorry for sausage roll ‘Jesus’

Features Analysis

Special effects

The film props firm targeting the YouTube generation.

Dubai Airshow

All the latest news

Printing ears and noses

The hi-tech firm that can make human body parts

Green planet

Why the UAE plans to grow lettuce on Mars

University founder

From $50 in his pocket to $500,000 prize

Sky high

Barrel rolls and billion dollar deals in Dubai

Our Experts

Price rises – is the worst over?

Inflation is steady at 3%. That’s better news for the incomes squeeze, but inflation pressures haven’t disappeared yet

Montel williams loan

Dyson to sue former chief executive Max Conze

The engineering firm, founded by Sir James Dyson, is suing ex-boss Max Conze for alleged leaks.

Montel williams loan

Trump in the Philippines: The island nation with the clues to US strategy

It’s been clear for some time that the Philippines is a nation stuck between the US and China.

Montel williams loan

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