Oct 13 2017

Cambridge Campus #plumber #ontario #ca


Cambridge Campus

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Why PAT Institute?

Our graduates leave the training facility with current technical and safety training, industry standard tools and safety gear, saving both the student and the employer additional costs at the beginning of their career. Graduates’ careers will lead into a multitude of options and pathways a few of which are: working in the trades, owning their own businesses, becoming trades inspectors, engineering, or teaching.

Prior to coming to this school I had no idea as to what I was going to pursue as a career. Ever since attending this school I’ve learned so much about the industry and myself. I had no idea what network cabling was but now I have made it into.

— Paul Miranda (Network Cabling Student )

Appliance Service Technician Graduate

“Best course I have ever taken. Peter is the best teacher I’ve ever met that’s already working in the field. He’s always there if you have questions. would definitely recommend this course.”

  • Network Cabling Graduate

    “Pre-Apprenticeship Training helped me to achieve a lead tech position in 4 days, with no previous work experience in the field. The skills I learned was exactly what I needed”

  • Combined Appliance and Domestic Appliance Graduate

    “It has been a distinct honor and privilege to have been a student at PAT. I enrolled in the CADA program under the tutelage of Mr. Peter Tsiligiannis, whose knowledge, solid industry experience and ability to transfer his wealth of knowledge and wisdom to us, is inspirational and appreciated. The practical hands on procedures attained are paramount as it has allowed me to easily and confidently segue into the CADA work field.”

  • Combined Appliance and Domestic Appliance Graduate

    “The appliance program is great! We learned alot about all kinds of appliances and quite a bit about other trades as well. I would definetly recommend the program to anyone that is good with their hands, tools, customer relations, and of course their brain!

  • (HVAC & Gas Graduate)

    “During my time with PAT Institute taking the HVAC/Gas program I learned the basics of the HVAC trade, from how to do sheet metal, piping and basics of electrical. This helped me greatly when I found a job in the field as I had become familiar with the fundamentals in school. I found that the teachers are always very informative and always willing to answers questions you may have. I have now been in the field for 2 months and am extremely happy about where I am now. None of this would have been possible without PAT Institute or its’ teachers. Thank you PAT Institute.”

  • Combined Electrician and Network Cabling Student

    “Great career experience”

  • Network Cabling Graduate

    “Excellent hands on experience”

  • Construction and Maintenance Electrician Graduate

    “It was a rewarding experience and I learned a lot about the industry and trade.”

  • Combined Electrician and Network Cabling Graduate

    “Great experience, hands on opportunities that help shape the future.”

  • Combined Network Cabling and Electrician Student

    “After spending years in online advertising I decided to change my future with a career in trades. I found several schools but the PAT Institute had the best combination of theory and practice education.”

  • “A rewarding opportunity that has given me experience and knowledge to pave the way for a fulfilling career in a skilled trade.”

  • Network Cabling Student

    “Prior to coming to this school I had no idea as to what I was going to pursue as a career. Ever since attending this school I’ve learned so much about the industry and myself. I had no idea what network cabling was but now I have made it into a passion that I will get to utilize for the rest of my career.”

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