Jun 13 2017

Department of Dermatology – Cutaneous Surgery at Miller School of Medicine #a #c #repair #miami


Our Doctors

Providing compassionate state-of-the art medical care, educating the dermatologists of tomorrow, advancing medical knowledge, and being a community partner takes extraordinary teamwork. Luckily, we have an extraordinary team who takes great pride in carrying out the missions of our department.

Ajdic, Dragana, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Special Interests: Molecular Microbiology and Bacterial Genetics with a special emphasis on regulatory mechanisms controlling gene expression, mechanisms of pathogenesis and biofilm formation by using systems biology approaches (bioinformatics, genomics, metagenomics and transcriptomics).

Badiavas, Evangelos, M.D. Ph.D.
Special Interests: Dermatopathology, stem cell research, bone marrow, and tissue regeneration.

Davis, Stephen
Research Professor
Special Interests: Wound healing infection, antimicrobials, biofilms, electric stimulation, burn healing, scar formation, plasma energy.

Elgart, George, M.D.
Professor Vice Chair-Education
Special Interests: Autoimmune blistering diseases, melanoma, immunodermatology dermatopathology.

Jaimes, Natalia M.D.
Clinical Assistant Professor
Special Interests: Early detection of skin cancer, dermoscopy, digital monitoring of pigmented lesions, confocal microscopy, melanoma and nevi.

Kirsner, Robert S. M.D. Ph.D.
Harvey Blank Professor Chairman
Special Interests: Wound healing, health care policy, cutaneous surgery, dermatoepidemiology.

Li, Jie, M.D. Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Special Interest: Angiogenesis, wound healing, tumor biology, extracellular matrix biology, keratinocyte biology.

Miteva, Mariya M.D.
Assistant Professor
Special Interests: Histopathology of hair diseases on transverse sections, hair loss, general dermatology and dermatopathology.

Nattkemper, Leigh Ph.D.
Special Interests: Neurobiology of itch, molecular and genetic components of chronic itch, treatment of itch.

Nichols, Anna M.D. Ph.D.
Clinical Instructor
Special Interests: Medical dermatology, inpatient dermatology, inflammatory skin diseases, skin cancer treatment and prevention.

Nouri, Keyvan, M.D.
Louis C. Skinner, Jr. M.D. Endowed Chair in Dermatology
Richard Helfman Professor of Dermatologic Surgery
Chief of Dermatology Services at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center/University of Miami Hospital and Clinics
Director of Mohs, Dermatologic Laser Surgery
Director of Surgical Training

Special Interests: Mohs, micrographic surgery, dermatologic laser surgery.

Romanelli, Paolo, M.D.
Special Interests: Dermatopathology, cardiocutaneous diseases, and psoriasis.

Schachner, Lawrence A. M.D.
Professor, Former Chair, Stiefel Laboratories Chair
Special Interests: Pediatric dermatology, cutaneous infections, inflammatory diseases, hair disorders.

Tomic-Canic, Marjana, Ph.D.
Professor and Vice Chair, Research
Special Interests: Keratinocyte/epidermal biology, tissue repair and regeneration, stem cell biology, inflammation and infection, skinomics, mechanisms of hormone/steroid signaling, molecular basis of skin diseases, prognostic and diagnostic biomarkers of wound healing.

Tosti, Antonella, M.D.
Fredric Brandt, MD Professor
Special Interests: Hair, nails, contact allergy and patch testing.

Wikramanayake, Tongyu Cao, Ph.D.
Research Associate Professor
Special Interests: Epidermaland appendage (hair follicle, sebaceous gland, etc.) differentiation and disorders.

Yosipovitch, Gil, M.D.
Special Interests: Investigating the causes and treatments of complex skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, and diseases of other organ systems with skin manifestations and chronic itch.

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