Jun 13 2017

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Kentucky Adventure Night at Dixie

Through generous funding from the Dixie PTA, our third, fourth and fifth graders collaborated with our artists-in-residence, Jennifer Rose Escobar and Alfredo Escobar. The students learned about Kentucky’s Appalachian Culture, painted a mural focusing on Kentucky’s regions and the fourth graders performed dulcimers and dancing for their families on Kentucky Adventure Night.

The students played our classroom set of dulcimers with our very own music teacher, Crystal Peters. Hot Cross Buns, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and Boil the Cabage Down were a few of the tunes that the fourth graders strummed out. The fourth graders also presented about Kentucky for their famliy members in their complex.

Dixie Staff Steps Up for Marfan Awareness Month

The Dixie staff generously donated $1000 to the Marfan Foundation in February 2017. Marfan Syndrome is a genetic disorder that affects a person’s connective tissues. Because connective tissue is found throughout the body, Marfan syndrome can affect many different parts of the body, including the heart, blood vessels, bones, joints, lungs and eyes. If left untreated, this disorder can be life-threatening. Ms. Lloyd- a Dixie special education teacher and her daughter Kate- a Dixie first grader, were both recently diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome. The Dixie staff generously rallied around the Lloyds for Marfan Awareness month in February, raising money through paying $1 for dress down days.
Next week, Dixie Elementary will be celebrating 20 years of Read Across America. Each day students have the opportunity to dress up, on a theme based upon the corresponding day. Please join us in the celebration.

The Dixie Book Fair begins March 6th through the 10th.

Book Fairs generate more than 190 million dollars in cash and educational resources for schools. More importantly, the event provide students, teachers, and parents with access to thousands of affordable books and educational products.

Please come out and support the Dixie Book Fair. It is a wonderful fundraiser that allows Ms. Prater the freedom to purchase high interest books for our students and the library.

Dixie Dolphins Making a Splash

Honor Roll

Congratulations to Dixie’s 4th and 5th grade Honor Roll students. Each student showed perseverance and hard work during the winter semester.

– EJ Hayes- Accelerated Learning Program

The Lion King Jr.

Dixie Enrichment Academy

2016 – 2017

What makes our school special?

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Staff Spotlight


I would like to take this opportunity to recognize the entire faculty and staff at Dixie Magnet Elementary School. This year has been one of the most rewarding of my 28 years in education. It’s thanks to all of you that the year has gone so smoothly and been so enjoyable. I feel privileged and honored to serve as the principal of this school. I can honestly say that this is the most dedicated, hard-working, and finest faculty and staff with whom I have had the pleasure of serving. You have made this a memorable and special year. Thank you for all you’ve done to make me feel welcome. I’m looking forward to the 2017-18 school year!

Dixie in the News

Art leads Dixie teachers into a ‘Peaceful Place’

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