Aug 13 2017

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Donate a car NJ

When you donate a car NJ, you are helping us save homeless animals. We will turn your car donation into cash to help provide food, shelter, and medical care for animals that have been abandoned.

It’s so easy to donate, just have the title and the keys ready, we take care of everything else!

Located in New Jersey, we are dedicated to helping abandoned and homeless dogs and cats find forever homes. Want to learn more about us? Visit our animal rescue site .

donate a car NJ help homeless and abused dogs and cats

We are a New Jersey based animal rescue organization, recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) non profit charity. Your vehicle contribution is tax deductible!

Donate any type of vehicle, in any condition! Any and all vehicle donations are greatly appreciated by the homeless animals we help!

We rescue homeless puppies, kittens, dogs and cats from certain doom, to provide them with food, shelter, and medical care. Placing them in loving foster homes until forever homes can be found.

More about who we are:

We are a group of dedicated families and individuals, located through out NJ, focusing on finding forever homes for puppies, dogs, cats and kittens that have been abandoned. Our animals are mostly pulled away from high kill shelters in our area and in the south, they receive the medical attention that they need, and are then placed in foster homes where they can flourish with love and comfort prior to adoption. You can see some of our cats and kittens at PetCo in Eatontown, and PetValu in Shrewsbury. We bring our dogs and puppies to adoption events through out NJ.

When you donate a car NJ, your contribution is helping us to rehabilitate those that need it, provide medical attention to those that need it, and helps us provide food and shelter for all of the animals in our care.

Over the last 15 years, we have placed 100’s of dogs, cats, puppies and kittens in loving homes, but there are still more that need our help. Together we can rescue those on death row, those that have been abandoned, and those that have been neglected. It is your donation that makes our work possible. Please, Donate A Car today.

We are a public charity that is self supported. Our income comes from adoption donations, charity events that we hold, public donations, and now, vehicle donations in New Jersey. We charge an adoption fee to defray the costs of spaying and neutering, transportation and medical expenses. We turn no animal in need away.

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