Sep 13 2017

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Episode 74 Never Game Over

Gaming headlines include: World of Warcraft gold surpasses actual currency in value, Hearthstone streamer uncovers proof of stream sniping guild, and the Pokemon Company Reveals New Form of Lycanroc in Ultra Sun and Moon. Plus, we answer an important question from a fan on what happened to failure in video games? Read More

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Gaming headlines include: Final Fantasy XIII s Lightning is now shilling for Nisan, BioWare builds a maze for Anthem, and Galaga is getting turned into an animated series. Plus, With Nate away on vacation this weekend, everything is awful. Like Pokefest and Screen Sniping. Tune in now. Read More

Gaming headlines include: Pokemon Go events take place around the world! The video game that sold for $42,000 on eBay and Blizzard announced Mythic World of Warcraft Dungeons as new esport? Plus, with Twin Peaks halfway through its season and Game of Thrones returns, its a good time for TV. Read More

Gaming headlines include: Doomfist finally appears in Overwatch, Pokemon Go Celebrates One Year Anniversary, Creator of Netflix’s Castlevania Series to Take On Assassin’s Creed Next. Plus, are video games killing the workforce. A new study seems to think so, but something doesn’t seem right about this Read More

Gaming headlines include: BioWare rumored to be working on new Dragon Age title, a man earns 1200 Playstation trophies but is mad at Sony and Square-Enix s next RPG is looking to fix I Am Setsuna s flaws. Plus, the hosts talk about the nature of the Collectors Edition and pre-order culture. Tune in for your exclusive! Read More

Gaming headlines include: How do video games affect you sex life? Sega launches Sega Forever and Seattle Police Department stop using Twitch for community outreach . Plus, The crew goes crazy for Pokemon GO. Again! Read More

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