Aug 13 2017

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Credit Card Processing & Online Payment Portals

Lower Rates

Accept Credit Card Payments

Integrate With Your System

Offering the most
competitive rates and fees

We can beat most high risk credit card rates.

With so many collection agency credit card processing companies to choose from we know you’re looking for value, which is why we offer quick merchant account approvals and customized solutions to provide the payment plan and fee structure that works best for you. Through the relationships we’ve developed with our banking partners, we’re almost always able to beat most rates.

Multiple payment portal
options tailored to fit you

With our many payment portal options – you are given the freedom to choose what solution is best for your business. With multiple integration options, payment plans and single payments, and professional, custom designs, you’re guaranteed to find something that works for you.

How to Take Credit Card Payments Online

Many of the merchants who contact us have never created a collection agency before. We’ve created this guide to help inform you of the steps you’ll face to get your agency up and running with online credit card payments!

High Risk Merchant Accounts and Chargebacks

Do you know what a chargeback is? Did you know that your merchant account has a limit of how many charge backs you can receive? It’s important as a high risk merchant to keep an eye on how many chargebacks you receive and to know what to do when you receive one.

Collection Agency Credit Card Processing Fees

Credit and debit card processing fees may be complicated and difficult to understand, especially when so many are in fine print. Because fees can affect your business so much, we think it’s important that you know the ins and outs of credit card processing fees.

What is a Rolling Reserve & How Does It Affect You?

Many high risk merchant accounts may experience a rolling reserve as an addendum as a condition to their approval. Do you know what a rolling reserve is and how it may affect your business? Make sure you know all the facts of what to expect from your merchant account.

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