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How to setup my own off-site backup

harrypt Nov 2, 2013, 12:05 AM

I’ve been searching and haven’t found much about the above subject.

I’m lucky enough to soon have extremely fast internet service in several locations and would like to setup my own off-site backup system.

I’ve looked into cloud backup services and it would be quite expensive for what I’d like to do (

$400/mo). So I would be willing to spend some money on either a small dedicated storage computer or large NAS but have not found where I can read about software options and other issues such as how to setup and secure.

Anyone know of a good source of information on the subject? Thank you.

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More about setup site backup

I’d recommend just getting a lightweight server and using it for storage. You can install various flavors of Linux such as Kali for security (, or Fedora as a true server distro ( You can find more information here:

If you need help with picking out parts, post some more info.

Setting up the actual storage appliance, whether it’s a full desktop/server platform with a desktop/server OS, or just a simple NAS device, is probably going to be the easy part. It’s hard to make a recommendation yet on what would work well for you as we don’t know what kind of files you are working with, the capacity, or any other services or roles that this or other devices may need to fulfill in your network.

The real question first to address is how are you getting information from Point A to Point B? Will you be utilizing a site-to-site VPN solution? If so, hardware or software based? Or are you instead utilizing something like FTP for uploading files from your primary site to your backup site. How often will you be transferring the data, and what sort of bandwidth needs and availability are we talking about?

Then we can look at the options within software to actually accomplish this backup, whether it’s built-in services or applications within the operating system or additional applications to be installed and configured.

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