Dec 2 2017

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The Industrial Loan Division is responsible for licensing and regulating the small loan industry under the provisions of the Georgia Industrial Loan Act. This statute limits loan amounts to consumers not to exceed $3000 and a period not greater than 36 months, and 15 days.

The State of Georgia licenses more than 1,000 Industrial Loan offices and conducts on-site audits to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulation

ATTENTION: TO ALL NEW APPLICANTS – EFFECTIVE 1/1/2012. In accordance with state law, beginning January 1, 2012, the Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner will be changing its procedures regarding the verification of lawful presence of persons applying for all licenses, permits, registrations and certificates. Please click HERE for more information.

Effective March 12, 2014. the ONLY address for mailing in filings with payments to the Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner, Industrial Loan Division, is:

    Georgia Department of Insurance P.O. Box 935138 Atlanta, GA 31193-5138

Please Note: Industrial Loan customers who wish to send payments via overnight courier should use this address:
    Wells Fargo Industrial Loan Division Lockbox # 935138 3585 Atlanta Ave Hapeville, GA 30354

All Payments (except EFT, ACH or Portal Payments):

Monthly Loan Tax Report

Quarterly Insurance and Loan Report

Loan License Renewal

Make remittance payable to: Ralph T. Hudgens, Industrial Loan Commissioner, at the above address

Attach check to correct form and mail to address above.

Industrial Loan License # MUST be on every check.

Do not send a voucher.

Do not send extra copies by mail or fax to the Industrial Loan Division.

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