Jul 6 2017

Just Miles – Car insurance you pay by the mile #just #miles, #just #miles #car


Car insurance done differently for low mileage drivers

With traditional car insurers, if you drive less than the average motorist, you end up subsidising the premiums of higher mileage drivers. We don t think that s fair.

We do it differently. After our monthly subscription to cover your car when it’s parked, we’ll only charge you for the exact number of miles you drive.

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How does it work?

Plug our free Miles Tracker into your car – this usually goes in under your car’s dashboard.

We’ll measure your driving distance, so we know how much to charge you.

Download our mobile app to see your journeys and unlock handy features – and you’re good to go.

How much could you save?

A better way to pay

Our hassle-free car insurance puts you back in control.


Apart from your monthly subscription fee, you only pay for the miles you drive – and nothing else.


Instantly see the exact cost of every journey in-app or online, with itemised monthly bills.


Stay in complete control with useful reports and reminders to cater for all your driving needs.

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