Sep 29 2017

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Lead Generation Lead Distribution – on Autopilot

Instant Leads Generator 10 is ideal for all businesses with a sales team and also companies that distribute and sell leads.

It is also ideal for call centers and can accept leads from any source and distribute leads in real time or through the cherry picker system.

A wide variety of automated delivery options:

  • Delivery Filters
  • Email Delivery
  • Back Office
  • HTTP Posts (both receive and deliver)
  • Ping-Post
  • Round-Robin
  • Ping Tree Bidding
  • Cherry Picking

This is a low cost, yet highly flexible package. The perfect system for lead companies and all businesses with a sales team.

We are so proud of our new system that we have built a completely new website dedicated to it.

Click the button below to visit the new site to find out more.

Instant Leads Generator 10

Why choose Instant Leads Generator?

With our Lead Generation Software you can quickly automate 100% of your lead capturing, processing, filtering, delivery, and even lead selling.

This means you can focus your efforts on lead marketing while our software automatically manages your entire leads sales business.

Instant Leads Generatorcan handle every lead type imaginable; for example mortgage leads, biz-op leads, health leads, diet leads etc. Our software can generate, distribute and sell every type of lead you wish.

Being web based our all in one lead generation / lead distribution / lead selling software solution allows your users to respond more effectively, provide fast automated responses to unique pre-qualified prospects, and measure results using real-time data.

Create your own unique pricing systems for each and every lead campaign, so that you can sell your leads at a variety of prices based on what answers the lead actually selects. (businesses that distribute leads to a sales team, don t need to charge any price at all).

Each of your users can see every campaign available to them, and can receive leads with the exact targeted specifications with our unique exact match lead delivery system For example, if they only want leads that are from certain states, and who have said yes to certain questions, then that is exactly what they get. Not only that; the built in email marketing system automatically introduces your sales people/buyers to the leads they receive, and in real time.

Whether you’re an established leads company, a business with a sales team of any size, or if you simply wish to get in on the ground floor of one of the few web industries left where demand far exceeds supply; then our low cost lead generation software may be exactly what you need.

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