Oct 13 2017

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Health Informatics Interview With Roland Casem

In this interview. Roland Casem offers valuable information about his career to help aspiring health informaticists learn more about the profession and the wide variety of career options that are available to them. Read now !

Video Guide To Health Informatics

Watch and learn about Health Informatics master’s degrees and career outlook!

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Browse and apply directly to open health informatics, information technician and medical coding jobs across the country! See where your health informatics career can take you, now !


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Featured Master’s in Healthcare Informatics Programs

Health informatics is the study of how technology, particularly artificial intelligence, computer science, and informational science relates to the medical field. This field of study is typically applied to clinical care, nursing. public health. and biomedical research. The universities and colleges listed below offer online master’s degree programs in this subject

Capella University’s online master’s in Health Care Informatics integrates information science, computer science, social science, and health care to give you the skills and knowledge you need to help your organization improve the overall quality of health care and population health, along with reducing costs.
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Students studying in Walden’s health informatics master’s degree program will learn the basic skills required to use advanced technology in the healthcare industry, specifically applying health informatics to improve the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses. Walden also offers two informatics tracks in the MSN program: an RN-MSN track and a BSN-MSN track.
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America’s largest online christian university, Grand Canyon University, offers a Master of Science in Health Care Informatics degree that provides students with knowledge of the concepts of systems life cycles, data management, and health informatics. Graduates of this program will be well suited for a career as a medical technologist or other upper-level healthcare professional. For students looking for a nursing-focused informatics degree, GCU offers an MSN in Informatics program.
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The Master of Science in nursing informatics from Kaplan University enriches student’s knowledge of dealing in technology-rich healthcare environments. Graduates of this program will be eligible to become nurse practitioners and will be able to pursue informatics leadership roles in healthcare, business, and education settings.
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