Sep 21 2017

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Get Your MBA Master’s Degree With IBSA

We’d Love To Help You Make The Most of Your Time Abroad

Studying abroad is an exciting and challenging opportunity that gives rise to many justified questions. We understand that the visa application process can be confusing at times and that living in two different countries might entail experiencing culture shock. That’s why we’re here to help you with organizational matters as well as emotional support.

What Are the Benefits of Studying Our Unique Program?

Take a moment to listen to Robert Sheldon, associate professor at one of our IBSA partner universities, identifying the program’s distinctive features. Our students will not only gain valuable intercultural experiences in an international environment, but also learn to critically reflect upon popular business theories. This way, IBSA graduates get the best of both worlds.

International Marketing

Study the art and science of international marketing in Valencia, Spain. Be at the pulse of time in ever changing global business markets and learn how to communication with your customers on an international scale.

Human Resource Management

Learn how to manage a company’s most valuble asset on an international scale. Every global acting company has emloyees from different nationalities. This specialization prepares you for your career in a cultural diverse setting.

International Logistics Supply Chain Management

Learn how to design effective international networks for procurement and distribution. Turn yourself into an asset for any mulitnational company with this MBA specialization.

Management in Emerging Economies

Become familiar with the thriving BRIC countires with this Master’s specialization. Build your business network and be prepared for business dealings with the upcoming global players.

International Finance Investments

Learn how to critically evaluate the finace markets in a global setting and understand how business data is compiled, measured, and used in decision making.

You know already what you want?

Great! Then apply here for your IBSA Dual Degree Master’s Program. Make the next career step and get an international MBA and a Master’s degree with your chosen business specialization.

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