Sep 30 2017

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iPad Android Survey App for Mobile Offline Data Collection

Your Professional Market Research App for Data Collection

Harvest Your Data iSURVEY droidSURVEY apps make it easy to collect mobile survey data.

You don’t need an Internet connection while conducting surveys in the field or completing mobile forms. The data you collect while offline will be stored on your device and can be uploaded when an Internet connection becomes available. If your Internet connection disconnects half way through the upload process, the offline survey app mode safely stores the remaining results on your device until the next upload.

Discover the flexibility of setting up a single questionnaire or mobile form that runs on both Apple and Android devices. Use the iSURVEY app on Apple iPhones, iPods and iPads and the droidSURVEY app on your Android smartphone and tablet devices.

There are no on-going monthly subscription fees and each survey or form can be run on an unlimited number of devices.

Download your data in the SPSS or CSV format or use the developer API to integrate the survey app with other productivity software.

The apps have a beautiful interface that is optimized for data collection on smartphone, iPad and tablet devices. The Android tablet and iPad survey app can display multiple questions on a single screen with HD graphics. Your respondents will love it because it’s an interesting way to complete mobile surveys and forms.

Try iSURVEY for FREE and see for yourself how easy it is to conduct mobile market research surveys with one or multiple devices.

Customer Stories

See How Our Customers Use the iSURVEY and droidSURVEY Software

Museums and Attractions

Andréa works with museums all around the world, and she is constantly recommending iSURVEY. “It’s been really fantastic and I don’t see us ever looking to another service,” she said. “We’re super happy with it”.

Food Nutrition Research

The study faced two major problems. The first: navigating the in-depth survey without introducing error. Carrying out long questionnaires on paper increases the chance of making a mistake, especially if sections need to be skipped.

Medical and Health Research

When it came to assigning a test kit to a participant, keeping track of ID numbers was going to be a real problem. Kathy used iSURVEY’s barcode scanner feature to ensure that the right kit was assigned to the right person, every single time.

What our Customers Have to Say

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We work with all sorts of museums, and we are constantly recommending it

Staff at iSURVEY were always available and responsive

The pricing is flexible, it’s easy to use to answer questions and to connect the devices to the surveys

You can capture an image, you can scan a barcode, you have different types of questions, [all of] which allow us to respond to our clients’ needs

A colleague and myself went around to rural areas using it on our phones. And it worked so well that we got grant money for a 5-year project.

We can do the survey whether or not we have connectivity. we were in really remote rural areas, so that was like a lifesaver

People who don’t use computers, they can just get on there and just select whatever choice just by touching the screen

I really enjoy the fact that it allows me to give my participants privacy. they’re going to be much more honest if they feel like they can fill it out themselves

We use it to identify our beneficiaries in the field. We can target their GPS location, and gather data across a wide variety of criteria to see if they qualify

They really enjoy using it versus the paper and pen, the layout is really simple

The application design has been well thought out and survey design options are extremely flexible, allowing us to tailor it exactly to our needs, even with a basic level of technical expertise.

This is an amazing app I’ve been working with it since the first version, thanks to all the team they have great support, great ideas, great updates.

From the first day I was incredibly impressed by the fast, personalised online support provided by the tech team.

Overall using this software meant that we saved a lot of time and money in data entry and cleaning as well as not needing to carry around heavy data forms.

I couldn’t recommend this app highly enough! It works brilliantly! I used it for my uni dissertation research collection and found it to be a fantastic resource

Everyone should download this survey, easy interface, web control you can use multiple devices and get your results right away!

We use this app on the side of the road when checking kids are safely in their car seats. It works well and saves hours of time when reporting back at the end.

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