Sep 30 2017

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MS Finance


The Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management is a unique community. With an incoming class size of about 50 students each year, our MS Finance program is one of the world’s most selective—and one of the best. As we evaluate applications, we have a holistic and balanced approach to admissions.

The ideal candidate has earned at least a four-year U.S. bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from a top-quality college or university. We seek students who have taken a demanding course load in any field of study and have a consistent record of high performance.

Although most incoming students come to Vanderbilt immediately after completing their undergraduate degree, they find that professional finance exposure enables them to understand new concepts more fully and apply them more quickly. Full-time post-baccalaureate work experience is not required; however, we strongly recommend internships in finance or a related field.

How to Apply

You are about to take the first step toward enhancing your professional potential, exploring and expanding your career possibilities and discovering a new community of bright people from all over the world.

Please do not send official transcripts unless you have been asked to do so. In some instances, the Admissions Committee may request the GMAT Analytical Writing Assessment essay. Candidates are responsible for requesting that the AWA essay be reported to Vanderbilt University Owen Graduate School of Management.

More detailed instructions on the application process can be found here. Join our community today by beginning your application . To check the status of your completed application, click here .

Loans &

Business school is a significant investment in your personal and professional development. We are committed to helping students afford the Vanderbilt MS Finance program by offering scholarships and low-interest loan opportunities.

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