Sep 13 2017

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Non-Resident Importers

Importer of record canada

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Many American and foreign registered companies choose to do business in Canada as a non-resident importer. Some benefits to establishing a non-resident company to register with the Canadian Border Services Agency as the Importer of Record would be:

  • To sell within Canada with a domestic cost pricing plan
  • To manage your landed cost without the involvement of a Canadian client or wholesaler
  • To make border issues “seamless”, and controlling customs and release issues from a foreign office by phone or e-mail
  • Increase your company’s market share in Canada

A non-resident importer is a foreign (including USA) based company, which does not have a permanent presence in Canada, but imports into Canada under their own name and business number. Pacific Customs Brokers can assist U.S. and foreign companies, and make the registration of a non-resident importer simple.

Some challenges that a U.S. and foreign based company must consider prior to choosing this business format are as follows:

  • Must first obtain a Business Number
  • Must have their books and records maintained in Canada (Pacific Customs Brokers offers this service)
  • Must consider whether to register for a Goods and Services Tax (GST) number from the Government of Canada
  • Must consider registering for Provincial Sales Tax (PST) or Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) where applicable
  • Must review transfer pricing policies
  • Must understand Canadian stance on valuation
  • Must understand input tax credit and flow through of pricing

While this business format may seem complex, Pacific Customs Brokers can assist you in simplifying this and making it easy. Our Compliance Team will inform your company of all government regulations, including with the Canada Border Services Agency, in order for company to avoid an Administrative Monetary Penalty System (AMPS) penalty.

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