Sep 7 2017

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Royal Oak Michigan Board Certified Consumer Bankruptcy Attorney

located at 30448 Woodward Avenue, Royal Oak MI (next to Target Sports)

Top 10 Reasons You should only file Bankruptcy with Board Certified Bankruptcy Attorney Walter Metzen

1. Experience Counts. The more you practice something the better you get at it. My office has handled over 10,000 (yes, ten thousand) personal bankruptcy cases in the Detroit Bankruptcy Court which covers the entire Metro Detroit area. We have the experience to get you through any obstacle that may stand in your way as your case goes through the Court system.

2. Bankruptcy Law is complex. Far too many fledgling attorneys mistakenly believe that bankruptcy law is easy and begin filing cases with little or no experience, including possibly your case. Many of these attorneys will charge a bit less than an experienced attorney who understands that sufficient time and effort need to be put into every bankruptcy case to assure its successful transit through the bankruptcy system here in Michigan. You do not want to be a guinea pig. It will cost you much more in the long run, including additional court fees, lost time from work for additional appointments or Court hearings and possibly assets lost to the Trustee or creditors. Get it done right from the outset. Hire a specialist who knows what they are doing.

3. Avoiding repeat filings. You basically have one shot at filing a bankruptcy and odds are you will only file once in your life, so it is important that you do it right from the very start. My office will take the time up front, before filing, to analyze your financial situation to determine and advise if bankruptcy is the right decision or if there are other alternatives available to you. Then we will advise you which Chapter is appropriate to you individually. Other, less qualified attorneys or people trying to file on their own, will often make mistakes that result in the bankruptcy case being dismissed requiring a refilling which often will result in limited Court protections. Hire a professional from the start, to ensure that the job is done right, from the beginning. It will be less stressful, easier, less expensive, will require less time off work and will result in a far better outcome every time.

4. The Bankruptcy Court and Code have complicated bankruptcy rules. A Board Certified bankruptcy attorney is familiar with these complicated rules and my office will make sure that your bankruptcy case filing will not be dismissed by the Bankruptcy clerk or court because it doesn’t follow federal bankruptcy rules.

5. What bankruptcy chapter is right for you? If you are considering filing an individual bankruptcy, my office can explain the advantages and disadvantages of each Chapter of bankruptcy available. Each chapter has certain advantage over the other and our experience with the other 10,000+ clients before you will help us advise you which Chapter would be best.

6. Familiarity with local court procedures . The law in the United States allows anyone to represent themselves in our Courts, and Bankruptcy Court is no exception. Very few debtors actually try to represent themselves when filing a bankruptcy case and of those cases that are filed without the help of a qualified bankruptcy attorney often end disastrously. I have spent years learning the individual nuances of the Detroit Bankruptcy Court and can used that gained experience to help you in your case.

7. Familiarity with our Bankruptcy Judges and US Trustees. In the Detroit Bankruptcy Court which handles all the cases from a 13 County wide area in Michigan, we have 5 bankruptcy Judges and a couple dozen bankruptcy Trustees, all of whom have there own way of doing things. My office knows what their nuances are, and the way they want things done when a case is assigned to them. We have been working with the same players in the bankruptcy system for twenty years.

8. You are more likely to get what you want. You want a Discharge of your debt. This is a Court Order that says that you do not have to pay the creditors anymore and that they can never pursue you for collection of this debt. If you hire a board certified specialist in filing bankruptcy cases in the Detroit court, you are much more likely to get what you want, your bankruptcy case Discharge.

9. Can you handle a bankruptcy court hearing by yourself? Depending on the Chapter of bankruptcy you file, you could end up in court before the trustee or judge a number of times in front of many people. Are you familiar with the proper courtroom rules, etiquette and procedures? Most people are terrified at the thought of this and rightfully so. You will feel much better with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer with you at all times.

10. Can you afford not to hire a Bankruptcy Specialist? One simple mistake in bankruptcy court can have tremendously serious consequences and could result in losing an asset such as your home, life savings or your bankruptcy discharge or both. I�ve seen it happen many times with clients who represented themselves or hired inexperienced bankruptcy counsel.

Consumer Bankruptcy Law Office ofWalter Metzen and Associates. Board Certified Attorney Specializing in Consumer Bankruptcy Law in Michigan.

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