Nov 28 2017

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When You Need a Payday Loan, Trust California Check Cashing Stores

Proudly serving communities in San Francisco, Oakland, and throughout the state of California, California Check Cashing Stores provides a range of financial services, including fast and easy payday loans. Life can get complicated sometimes, and when surprises hit, you may need cash immediately. Don’t wait until your paycheck arrives and risk deferment or other penalties for not paying your credit card, rent, or unexpected medical bills. Come to any of our convenient locations and get a cash advance today.

What We Can Do For You

Getting a payday loan is convenient and trouble-free. Come to any of our stores and ask for a payday loan between $50 and $255. Be sure to bring your checkbook, because you’ll write a check for the amount you need plus our additional service charge, and we’ll hand you the cash to take care of your bills and other needs right away. In order to be sure your paycheck has gone through by the time we cash your check, we will hold it for 31 days before cashing it. If you’ve secured the money you need before that time, you can either pay it off at any of our stores, or we will simply cash the check.

What You Need to Bring

In order to complete this transaction, besides your check from a valid bank account you will need to bring proof of a steady source of income, proof of your social security number, and identification.


California Check Cashing Stores are safely and conveniently located at sites in San Francisco, Oakland, and throughout the state of California. Our 4 locations in San Francisco and 4 locations in Oakland means that Bay area residents are never far from our stores and the services they provide, so come see us today and get the cash you need now!

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