Jul 3 2017

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#refinance home loan

Refinance Your Loan

Refinance your home loan and save on interest β€” plus other great benefits.

It s time to review your finances: you may be paying more than the market interest rate, or you may have passed the lock-in period for your home loan with your current bank. Refinancing your home loan may save you money and make your loans work smarter.

We offer a competative refinancing package that comes with an extensive list of benefits. Ready for refinancing? Start a conversation with us now

Planning a budget?

Work out what’s affordable with a loan calculator by using our DBS home loan calculators .

Ready to get your new home?

DBS Home Connect , your personal assistant will take you through all the steps of buying a new home from budgeting and comparing prices to checking out the neighbourhood. Download DBS Home Connect now!

Contact our team of Home Advice Specialist via DBS Home Connect App

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