Oct 1 2017

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We strive to offer the very best in all legal services. We are a modern, approachable and dynamic Manchester Solicitor firm. We can provide representation throughout England and Wales. We have a wealth of experience in the many areas we specialise in. Eg Fraud, Prison law, Legal appeals and criminal legal representation.

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Pension fraud �?/span>

Insurance fraud �?/span>

Vat and Duty fraud-

Money laundering �?/span>

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Shepherd Reynolds Ltd has many years of experience with prison law. Over the last 12 years we have tried to adapt to change, an example of this was being the first Prison Law Department in Manchester to have video link facilities to deal with speedy visits and help prisoners who are in isolated areas of the country with few solicitors to assist with prison law.

Many law firms who have criminal law websites will have a separate website for road traffic which they believe justifies their exorbitant prices. Unfortunately legal aid is available for only the most serious of offences such as death by dangerous driving and dangerous driving, drink driving. We offer competitive prices and representation all over England and Wales on all driving offences

Shepherd Reynolds ltd has many years of experience with appeals against sentence and conviction in the Court of appeal. We pride ourselves with our integrity and if we believe the evidence, if any, is not adequate to lodge an appeal or whilst considering the case it becomes apparent there are no grounds of appeal we will inform you immediately in order to save you money and unwarranted expectation of a successful appeal.

Why is it important to make a Will?

You may think it is not important for you to make a Will for different reasons, you have limited assets or you have a busy life, you’re in good health.

Everybody should have a Will, husbands, wives, people living together, single people, young and old people, we can have little indication when we will die and have all been shocked when we hear about someone we know who is struck down with illness, has a fatal accident or dies suddenly.

– If you die without a will, there are rules as to how your assets are divided. This is not necessarily how you would have wished.

– Unmarried partners who do not have a registered civil partnership cannot inherit from each other unless there is a Will.

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