Aug 13 2017

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Security Systems | Fire Protection | Automation | Audio / Video

SoundWorks Security is a full-service residential and commercial, security fire automation and audio / video company serving all of Connecticut. We offer a full range of security services including, security system, fire system, fire protection systems, fire alarms, automation, home automation, office automation, audio, home audio, business audio systems, video systems, home theater systems, office video systems and security cameras.

SoundWorks Security has four divisions, S ecurity Systems, Fire Protection, Automation and Audio / Video division. Our company has more than fifty years of combined security system, fire protection, fire alarm, audio, video systems and automation experience, ensuring the best service. As a local, family owned business we maintain a high level of professionalism with a unique understanding of our business and our clients.

With the SoundWorks Security Team you now have the freedom to choose the lifestyle and the peace of mind that you want and deserve, along with technology that changes and improves everyday. We want to empower our clients with the ability to stay ahead. We endeavor to fulfill and exceed each of their expectations. Lee and Gloria (owners), Mark, Jake, Joey and Nancy are ready to assist you!

Ask how to control and monitor your alarm, lights,

temperature and music from your smart phone or tablet!

Client Reviews

Soundworks Security exceeded our expectations as a company and individual workers, as well as presented with complete professionalism and precise knowledge to detail involved in each security system discussed. My compliments are endless and begin from the time of entry to assess the proper system for our needs/wants, to thoroughly educating us on the various components and techniques each system provides, to assuring the installation was in complete functioning order and that we had a clear understanding of our alarm functions prior to leaving our home. Soundworks Security were/remain dependable, extremely neat and clean, and always presented with impeccable and respectful communication with not only us as the consumer, but among each other as well. If we have any questions or concerns, there is not a second of hesitation to contact the office for immediate consultation. I can t recommend Soundworks Security enough to provide your home and family the peace of mind that everyone is looking for.
Forever grateful – Kim and Dan Devine

Feel Safe Secure With A System

SoundWorks Security Services in Connecticut

Security Systems
– Our security systems help protect you from potential dangers. Whether you’re at home, at your business or away, you’ll be protected. Monitor your home for temperature, high water levels, gas, fire and

Access Control – Locks and keys also allow you to secure your building, but when keys are lost or stolen, the inconvenience and expense of changing locks and re-issuing keys can be considerable

Burglar Alarms – Our burglar alrams help protect you from unwanted entry. Whether you’re at home, at your business or away, your property and family will be protected. Monitor your home remotely for

Security Cameras – One type of camera that SoundWorks Security can install is commonly known as an IP camera, a surveillance camera that transmits the video information digitally to a computer or similar device

Camera Security Systems – By utilizing a standard web browser or client software users can view video output from any location. IP cameras combine the capabilities of a camera with some PC functionality an IP camera is a

Video Surveillance – Customers often ask SoundWorks Security how to access a live view of their remote security cameras when they are away from their home or business. One of the primary benefits of IP video is

24 Hour Monitoring – Concerned about an intruder cutting your land-line or don’t have a land-line? Let SoundWorks Security install a Starlink/GSM unit for you. Starlink, a leading IT compliance and next-generation threat

Remote Monitoring – SoundWorks Security has teamed up with USA Central Monitoring Company. USA Central Station Monitoring Company is a full service monitoring company with over 30 years of experience.

Fire Alarms – SoundWorks Security has installed complex Fire Protection Systems and Fire Alarm Systems in commercial, residential and industrial facilities located

Fire Prevention – 24 hour a day, 7 day a week protection utilizing the most sophisticated fire alarm monitoring technology currently available. Fire never takes a day off and neither do we. The moments between the start of a fire

Fire Detection – Fire never takes a day off and neither do we, as we help protect our clients. The moments between the start of a fire and the arrival of the first responders are absolutely crucial

Fire Protection – When it comes to Fire Protection Technology and Fire Protection Systems. We are compliant with the National, State and Local code requirements

Fire Saftey Inspection – It’s a fact we’re all familiar with, but it’s still always worth mentioning that regular fire alarm inspection is a necessity for all buildings and residences.

Home Automation – Imagine the ability to interact with your home from wherever you are. Home automation systems allow you to control multiple systems of your home with a phone, tablet or

Surround Sound Systems – Ah the classic debate, which is better, Plasma TV or LED TV. It’s the same as whether Chocolate ice cream is better than Vanilla. So I’ll say this, Smart TV’s

Home Theater Systems – A properly designed system can rival a movie theater. with all the added comforts of home. When most people think of surround sound or home theaters, the first thing that comes to mind is

Business Audio Systems – A superior home audio experience is closer than you think with the flexible, versatile, and high-performing NuVo Player Portfolio. With the perfect custom audio solution to fit your home

Business Video Systems – Ah the classic debate, which is better, Plasma TV or LED TV. It’s the same as debating Red Sox vs Yankee’s or whether Chocolate ice cream is better than Vanilla. So I’ll say this, Smart TV’s

Phone Systems – From Digital, VoIP, Hybrids and Open Source, we offer phone systems custom fit for your personal and business telecommunication needs.

Central Vacuum Systems – Central vacuum systems are designed to remove dirt and debris from homes and buildings, sending dirt particles through tubing installed inside the walls to a collection container in a remote space.


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