Sep 14 2017

Why you may need to replace all 4 tires on an automatic AWD vehicle #tire,tires,all,automatic,

# Why you may have to buy four new tires if only one is bad. True for some automatic AWD vehicles like the older generation Volvo AWD. Well guys, some older automatic AWD vehicles will need 4 new tires when one is beyond repair (given that the three remaining ones are at 50% or less of their life) – however, if one goes bad and the others are still pretty new, you may replace only the bad one.Same thing, if 2 are worn down and the other two are still decent (70% or better) – you don’t have to buy …

Sep 8 2017

Rebuild Kit NP241 Transfer Case and Parts Illustration, you save money! #rebuild #kit #np241 #transfer

# NP 241 Transfer Case Repair Parts Rebuild Kits We are proud to offer top quality professional grade, NP241 transfer case parts and rebuild overhaul kits. We can, in some cases, provide good used parts; these are good take out parts that are inspected. Chevrolet NP241C Transfer Case Parts and top of the line overhaul kits. The New Process 241 series transfer case was installed in Dodge and Chevrolet applications starting in 1987. Jeep installed them in 2003-2005, these transfer cases are part time Dodge NP241D Transfer Case Parts for four wheel drive with shift positions 4HI – 2HI – …