Sep 13 2017

File Server Resource Manager Overview #file #server #access #audit

# File Server Resource Manager Overview File Server Resource Manager is a set of features that allow you to manage and classify data that is stored on file servers. File Server Resource Manager includes the following features: File Classification Infrastructure File Classification Infrastructure provides insight into your data by automating classification processes so that you can manage your data more effectively. You can classify files and apply policies based on this classification. Example policies include dynamic access control for restricting access to files, file encryption, and file expiration. Files can be classified automatically by using file classification rules or manually …

Aug 1 2017

29 Common Problem Solutions #solving #twenty-nine #of #americas #most #common #irs #problems, #irs #return #filing

# Solving twenty-nine of Americas most Common IRS problems Every year, millions of citizens face the Internal Revenue Service in some kind of adversarial exchange. And while many cases involve simple issues easily resolved, too many escalate into significant or even overwhelming financial nightmares. The latter occurs for one of two reasons: either the citizen did not understand how to approach the IRS’ communication or, just as likely, the IRS made an error then failed to accurately instruct the citizen on the rights available to correct it. Read entire article. Part I – One Thing Every Citizen Must Know (problem …

Jul 28 2017

E-Workflow – Workflow Standards and Research #workflow, #workflow #standard, #e-workflow, #case #studies, #bpm #process, #business

# What is Workflow? The automation of a business process, in whole or part, during which documents, information or tasks are passed from one participant* to another for action, according to a set of procedural rules. *participant = resource (human or machine) The Key Benefits of Workflow Improved efficiency – automation of many business processes results in the elimination of many unnecessary steps Better process control – improved management of business processes achieved through standardizing working methods and the availability of audit trails Improved customer service � consistency in the processes leads to greater predictability in levels of response to …