Sep 9 2017

Security Awareness and Training Software #cyber #security #awareness #month

# Our Continuous Training Methodology Our unique Assess. Educate. Reinforce. Measure training methodology combines the four key components of successful cyber security awareness and training programs. Customers who have used this cyclical approach have experienced up to a 90% reduction in successful external phishing attacks and malware infections. Evaluate Knowledge, Identify Vulnerabilities An important first step in comprehensive cyber security awareness and training for employees is to assess your employees’ knowledge and your organization’s areas of susceptibility. Knowledge Assessments Use our scenario-based CyberStrength ® Knowledge Assessments to gauge your staff’s understanding of a variety of cyber security topics. Simulated Attacks …

Jul 15 2017

Expanding Services To Reach Victims of Identity Theft and Financial Fraud – Federal Identity Theft

# Identity Theft and Financial Fraud Federal Identity Theft Laws Legislative efforts to create federal identity theft laws must balance the competing needs of victims, government agencies, and businesses, yet stay flexible enough to anticipate future identity crime issues. Prior to 1998, crimes that would now be considered identity theft were charged under false personation statutes, which go back to the late 19th century. False personation can be defined as the crime of falsely assuming the identity of another to gain a benefit or avoid an expense. It wasn t until Congress passed the Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act …