Jul 25 2017

3 Ways to Change Spark Plugs #spark #engine

# How to Change Spark Plugs Spark plugs make a gasoline engine run by shooting sparks into and igniting the mixture of air and gas in the engine’s cylinders, causing the cylinders’ pistons to move down and create the power that runs the car. After a while, spark plugs wear down and need to be replaced. Unlike most car repairs, replacing your own spark plugs does not require any special tools or expertise. Read on to learn how to replace your plugs and have your engine running more smoothly in no time. Steps Edit Method One of Three: Locating the …

Jul 9 2017

Auto Repair Mesa AZ – A #auto #repair, #car #repair, #engine #repair, #engine #sales, #mesa,

# Why Choose A.J. McKay For Your Auto Repair Needs? We have been in business since 1996 and fully accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 2008. So if you want an ASE certified mechanic you can trust, come in and talk to me, AJ McKay where customer satisfaction is our priority. Read what our loyal customers have to say on our Testimonials page. Check Out Our Services. Call today to find out how we can save you money while earning your trust in our quality workmanship. Read more. We Service Motor Homes Too! Owning a RV requires regular maintenance …

Jul 8 2017

2015 Honda Rebel 250 CMX250 Review #2015, #honda, #rebel #250 #cmx250, #review, #new, #motorcycle, #models,

# 2015 Honda Rebel 250 CMX250Back to 2015 Honda Motorcycle Model Review Page 2015 Honda Rebel 250 CMX250 Review Start Off on the Right Bike. What attracts you to motorcycling? The freedom? The excitement? Getting out in the wind? The economy? The practicality? The style? It s probably all of the above at least it is for most riders. And that s why thousands of riders have picked the Honda Rebel as their first choice. The Rebel offers all the freedom and excitement of a motorcycle, but in a package that s big on style and small on intimidation. Its …