Jul 28 2017

Early Christian Writings #early #christian #writings,church #fathers

# The Early Christian Writings A terrific, short collection of important early Christian writings in modern English. This is therefore a great, rapid introduction to the pre-Nicene church fathers for those that want a feel for the early apostolic churches. I started with writings that gave me my best quick introduction to early Christianiaty. These are writings that I have updated myself and host right here on Christian History for Everyman . You might want to read my suggestions for how to read the early church fathers before going through the writings that follow. Also, I have an overview of …

Jun 13 2017

Best Fathers Rights Lawyers #lawyer,father #right,fathers #rights #lawyer,fathers #rights #movement,referrals,attorney,dads,dads #rights,fathers #rights,unmarried #fathers #rights, #divorce

# TO CONTACT NATIONALLY KNOWN FATHERS RIGHTS ATTORNEY RONALD L. ISAACS, CLICK HERE Attorney Isaacs has appeared on The O’Reilly factor, MSNBC and Queen Latifah TV shows, radio shows as a fathers rights advocate and Christian commentator ,and VISITATION PROBLEMS?NEED IMMEDIATE HELP OR ADVICE FROM A REAL FATHERS’ RIGHTS LAWYER? CLICK HERE Never pay a non lawyer for legal advice! Beware of internet scams! FREE trial cross exam question of the day: LAST QUESTION OF CROSS EXAM. IF you win custody how much visitation is enough for the children to maintain their relationship with their father? ..AFTER SHE ANSWERS, …