Sep 21 2017

MBA and Master’s Degree in One Year – IBSA Program #master, #mba, #dual #degree, #double

# Get Your MBA Master’s Degree With IBSA We’d Love To Help You Make The Most of Your Time Abroad Studying abroad is an exciting and challenging opportunity that gives rise to many justified questions. We understand that the visa application process can be confusing at times and that living in two different countries might entail experiencing culture shock. That’s why we’re here to help you with organizational matters as well as emotional support. What Are the Benefits of Studying Our Unique Program? Take a moment to listen to Robert Sheldon, associate professor at one of our IBSA partner universities, …

Sep 6 2017

UK telephone number formatting guide #formatting, #format, #writing, #rules, #displaying, #information, #instructions, #telephone #number, #display,

# Phone Number Formatting Geographic landline numbers Geographic numbers are the normal home and business numbers that begin with area codes tied to specific locations. For example, 020 for London or 01792 for Swansea. Separate the area code from the local number with a space Split longer local numbers with a space for readability Optionally, put the area code inside brackets The length of area codes and local numbers varies across the UK, which means there are several valid formats: Cardiff, Coventry, London, Portsmouth, Southampton and all of Northern Ireland 01×1 xxx xxxx011x xxx xxxx Most other major cities 01xxx …

Jul 21 2017

Investigators raid Google Paris HQ in tax evasion inquiry #bermuda,france,republic #of #ireland,united #kingdom,al #verney,christian #eckert,eric

# Investigators raid Google Paris HQ in tax evasion inquiry By Michel Rose and Chine Labbé | PARIS PARIS Dozens of French police raided Google’s ( GOOGL.O ) Paris headquarters on Tuesday, escalating an investigation into the digital giant on suspicion of tax evasion. Google, which said it was fully complying with French law, is under pressure across Europe from public opinion and governments angry at the way multinationals exploit their presence around the world to minimize the tax they pay. Investigators from the financial prosecutors office and France’s central office against corruption and tax fraud, accompanied by 25 IT …