Aug 19 2017

Free Typing Tutor Software, Learn to Type with Practice, Lessons – Games #type,software,program,typing #practice,typing #tutor,free

# KeyBlaze Typing Tutor Software Learn to Touch Type, Complete with Typing Games The easiest typing tutor software available today for anyone to quickly learn speed typing, 10-key and touch typing. Perfect for people of all skill levels Improve and test your typing speed and accuracy Learn to type effectively and efficiently in no time Improve your typing to improve your résumé Don’t get left behind.Improve your typing and get ahead of the curve. KeyBlaze is an easy, fun and effective way to learn how to type or improve your typing skills. It starts with basic lessons on the home …

Aug 18 2017

Hospitals fear Obamacare repeal would reverse gains – San Francisco Chronicle #lvn #program #san #francisco

# Dr. Suja Georgie talks about how the Affordable Care Act has transformed the Med-Surg unit at San Mateo Medical Center. Dr. Suja Georgie talks about how the Affordable Care Act has. Little surprises Lynda Sutherland, who has been a licensed vocational nurse for 35 years at San Mateo Medical Center. But in the past few years, Sutherland said, she s been surprised by what s missing: the patients who used to return again and again to the public hospital for the same ailments. They re just not coming back, she said. Spurred by the Affordable Care Act, medical centers …

Aug 17 2017

State Loan Repayment Program #loan #caculator

#loan # State Loan Repayment Program The State Loan Repayment Program (SLRP) is a federally-funded grant program to states and territories that provides cost-sharing grants to assist them in operating their own state educational loan repayment programs for primary care providers working in Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs) within their state. The State Loan Repayment Program (SLRP) does not provide loan repayment directly to individual health professionals, and not all states offer SLRP. Providers interested in obtaining information about their state s educational loan repayment program must contact their individual state loan repayment program point of contact for information about …

Aug 15 2017

HOME PLUS Home Loan Program #car #loans #rates

#housing loans # HOME PLUS Home Loan Program

Aug 15 2017

Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) #secured #loans #calculator

#home loan modification # Making Home Affordable Page Content The largest program within MHA is the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP). HAMP’s goal is to offer homeowners who are at risk of foreclosure reduced monthly mortgage payments that are affordable and sustainable over the long-term. HAMP was designed to help families who are struggling to remain in their homes and show: Documented financial hardship An ability to make their monthly mortgage payments after a modification. HAMP is a voluntary program that supports servicers’ efforts to modify mortgages, while protecting taxpayers’ interests. To protect taxpayers, MHA housing initiatives have pay‐for‐success incentives. …

Aug 14 2017

GAcollege411 – Georgia Student Access Loan Program #housing #loan

#student loan application # GAcollege411 – Expand Your Opportunities At an eligible TCSG (Technical College System of Georgia) postsecondary institution Applicants must have first applied for and exhausted other student financial aid options including federal, state and private scholarship and grant programs and Veterans Education Benefits. Interest rate structure for loans received on or after July 1, 2014: Fixed rate of 1% while in school and out of school as long as the loan remains in good standing. A monthly Keep In Touch (KIT) Payment of $10.00 is required approximately 60 days after the first disbursement is received. The monthly …

Aug 14 2017

Factoring program #factoring #program

# Factor What is a ‘Factor’ A factor is a financial intermediary that purchases receivables from a company. A factor is essentially a funding source that agrees to pay the company the value of the invoice less a discount for commission and fees. The factor advances most of the invoiced amount to the company immediately and the balance upon receipt of funds from the invoiced party. BREAKING DOWN ‘Factor’ A factor allows a business to obtain immediate capital based on the future income attributed to a particular amount due on an account receivable or business invoice. Accounts receivable function as …

Aug 14 2017

Interior Design Courses Online #accredited #online #interior #design #program, #learn #interior #design, #free #interior #decoration

# Online Interior Design Courses – Rhodec International LEARN INTERIOR DESIGN 100% ONLINE – START STUDYING AT ANY TIME OF THE YEAR, FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, WITH NO ATTENDANCE EVER REQUIRED Whether you’re looking to improve your interior design skills or contemplating a complete career change, we have the interior design course to suit you. FREE “SAMPLER” ONLINE INTERIOR DECORATING COURSE Try our FREE “sampler” course first, with no obligation, to get a taste of the contents of the full Interior Decorator course. INTRODUCTORY ONLINE INTERIOR DECORATOR COURSE A thorough introduction to the subject, comprising 10 detailed lessons with …

Aug 13 2017

FREE Guide to All Government Grants, Scholarships and Loans for Students () #scholarship, #college #scholarship,

# Free Web Guide to all U. S. Government Grants and Loans Benefiting Students! is the most comprehensive free full-text online resource on all U.S. government grants and student financial aid programs. Here you will find detailed and up-to-date information about who can apply how to apply + contact info for over 240 government loans and grants (scholarships, fellowships, traineeships) related to education! How to use this site: Explore the lists of over 240 federal government programs (grants loans and grants) benefiting students: Click on the titles in the lists to see the full descriptions of each student aid …

Aug 12 2017

Become a Loan Broker – Loan Broker Program #payment #calculator

#loan broker # Become a Loan Broker – Loan Broker Program An Exceptional Business Opportunity WE INVITE YOU TO DISCOVER THE BEST NO-RISK HIGH INCOME BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY TODAY. THERE IS NO OTHER LIKE IT ! With Triple-AAA, you KEEP 100% OF YOUR INCOME! Other similar programs TAKE up to 50% OF YOUR INCOME. THANK YOU FOR INQUIRING. You will soon discover that you made a wise decision when you asked for information about this EXCEPTIONAL BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY from. Triple-AAA Financial Service and Investment Agencies (herein referred to as Triple-AAA pronounced Triple-A). The Triple-AAA High-Income Lending Broker Business program is the …