Oct 1 2017

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# We strive to offer the very best in all legal services. We are a modern, approachable and dynamic Manchester Solicitor firm. We can provide representation throughout England and Wales. We have a wealth of experience in the many areas we specialise in. Eg Fraud, Prison law, Legal appeals and criminal legal representation. Commercial fraud �?/span> Pension fraud �?/span> Insurance fraud �?/span> Vat and Duty fraud- Money laundering �?/span> Confiscation orders �?/span> Benefit fraud �?/span> Shepherd Reynolds Ltd has many years of experience with prison law. Over the last 12 years we have tried to adapt to change, an example …

Aug 3 2017

Sacramento Criminal Defense Lawyers Mark Reichel and Steve Plesser #sacramento #federal #crimes #attorney, #sacramento #federal

# Welcome to the Website for Reichel & Plesser Who We Are Mark Reichel and Steve Plesser are partners in the firm Reichel & Plesser, at Mark is a former Assistant Federal Defender who has argued before the United States Supreme Court. Steve is a former county Public Defender with a proven record of success in trial. With almost forty years of combined criminal defense experience in both State and Federal courts, our firm is uniquely qualified to handle any criminal case. We’re committed defense attorneys (not former prosecutors) who have dedicated our careers to one goal that we …