Oct 12 2017

Medical Alert Systems and Personal Emergency Responders #medical #alert #systems, #falling, #personal #emergency #alert #devices,

# Javascript is not enabled. Medical Alert Devices to the Rescue En espaƱol | Veteran journalist Daniel Schorr was putting his shoes on when the stool collapsed, slamming his head into the bedroom doorframe at his Washington, D.C. home. Bleeding profusely, he called out to his wife several times, but she was making breakfast downstairs with the radio on and didn’t hear him. How to Choose a Medical Alert System If you’re looking for a personal emergency response system, keep this checklist in mind: 1. Look at several systems before making a decision. 2. Compare costs. Charges for equipment and …

Jul 31 2017

Affordable Care Act for Seniors #affordable #care #act #for #seniors, #aca #for #seniors, #obamacare #dental

# Affordable Dental Care, Seniors and the ACA Older adults are one of the fastest growing segments of the American population and are also the most at risk when it comes to dental outcomes. And only two percent of retirees have dental coverage through a prior employer, according to Oral Health America. Oral Care Concerns due to Aging As our bodies age, they develop a unique set of dental health needs. Without regular visits to the dentist and good oral hygiene a number of problems can arise: According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention one in four seniors …