Aug 9 2017

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Solutions to Simplify Active Directory Management

Our most popular product can be your most powerful asset!

Used by tens of thousands of system administrators worldwide for over eighteen (18) years, Hyena is known throughout the industry as one of the top Windows and Active Directory management utilities available. at any price! It is designed to both simplify and centralize nearly all of the day-to-day management tasks, while providing new capabilities for system administration. This functionality is provided in a single, centralized, easy to use product. Whether your organization is using Windows 2003, Windows 2016 or anything and everything in between, you can manage everything with one tool.

Hyena . our comprehensive and award-winning Active Directory and Windows system management software, now includes multiple ways to mass-update Active Directory information. Use the new Active Task feature for mass updating and importing of Active Directory information, or use the Active Editor . an interactive Active Directory editor that lets you freely move around and modify directory information as easily as if it were in a spreadsheet.

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Latest News and Updates

Active Task Matching Options

Added Key match option to Active Task when performing Active Directory update tasks. The new key option allows for any unique directory attribute to be used as a ‘match’ field when updating directory objects. One or more scopes can be defined, and saved as reusable templates, which serve as a starting point for directory searches when finding matching directory entries.

In previous versions of Hyena, the ‘Servers’ listing for Active Directory domains has always relied upon using the Windows browse list. Hyena v12.2 introduces a new feature to retrieve servers from multiple Active Directory containers or organizational units, including options to search sub-containers and configure the attributes to display.

Group Policy Links View

Hyena’s new Group Policy Links view can be used to display information on all GPOs linked to one or more organization units, including listing the number of policies, policy order, status, and WMI filtering information.

While the GPMC can be used to get this same information, its limited to only showing GPO links for a single organizational unit. Hyena’s GPO link view can display this information for any number of OUs at the same time.

Active Directory Statistics View

The new ‘Active Stats’ view in Hyena makes it easy to display the total number and type of objects contained in one or more selected containers and organizational units. The ‘Stats’ view can show the number of objects for each object class or selected object classes.

Other options include sub-level searching, optional indentation for sub-containers, skipping disabled users or computers, and showing individual group types.

October 21, 2015 – Leading Windows networking resource site, announced that Hyena was selected as the winner in the Active Directory (AD) Management category of the Readers’ Choice Awards.

“Our Readers’ Choice Awards give visitors to our site the opportunity to vote for the products they view as the very best in their respective category,” said Sean Buttigieg, manager. “ users are specialists in their field who encounter various solutions for Enterprise Networking at the workplace. The award serves as a mark of excellence, providing the ultimate recognition from peers within the industry.”

Bulk Administration Simplified

Hyena’s new ‘Active Task ‘ and ‘Active Editor ‘ components are powerful tools to assist in making mass changes to Active Directory. Both functions offer an interactive and intuitive approach to what is often a complex and difficult process. Hyena v11.5 introduces a number of new features including easier updating of DN directory elements.

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