Aug 27 2017

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Let Us Help You get the Money You Need Before Your Next Payday

Cash advances stores are everywhere these days, but surprisingly enough most people aren t even aware they exist. This is a terrible shame since we all know we could use a helping hand every now and again, so we have taken on the challenge of educating the world about cash advances one person at a time.

So what is a short-term loan?

This is basically a sum of money that is secured against your future paycheck or a funds withdrawal drawn against an existing credit line, usually a credit card or a similar device. For the purposes of our discussion we re going to assume the first case, though it should be noted that this tool goes by the name payday loan as well. The two phrases mean the same thing, so don t stress the difference if you notice them used interchangeably on this or any other site.

These services used to be incredibly complicated, particularly for internet users, since most application forms require a wet signature (an actual signature on a document) or proof of assertions made while completing the process.

We have done away with this convoluted system in favor of one that is just as quick, easy, and secure as any other lender out there. In fact, to receive (and repay) funds upfront using our completely free matching services, you need only be concerned with these easy steps:

1. Apply online by going to our Get Started page

2. Wait for your approval via the contact method of your choice

3. Receive the funds in your back account on the next business day (if approved)

That s it! Are you ready to begin? If so, you can start signing up for our payday loan matching services right now. You won t have to remember to fax anything or mail in any payments in most cases our lenders have taken care of all that for you!

We Answer Some of the Most Common Borrowing Questions

How can I qualify for these services?

Most lenders will require the following:

You must be employed (or receiving regular income)

Earn a minimum of $500 bi-weekly (or $1000 per month)

Legal US Citizen and 18 years old

It s fast! After you have submitted our online form, you will be contacted by one of our premier lending partners who will then complete the rest of the lending process. Your funds will be deposited into your bank account on the next possible business day in accordance with your lender’s transfer policy, so ask your customer service agent about this before you commit to borrowing money of any kind.

Do I need collateral to qualify for this service?

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